Unofficial BMW E24 website



Unofficial BMW E24 website

Unofficial BMW E24 website





Your comments, suggestions, thoughts and everything you can say about BMW 6-Series coupes and this website.

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Hi, great site good info, keep up the good work. I own a 1985 E 24 635CSi. Best car ever. Lieven from Belgium // Lieven

This is a great site for all of us 6 series owners; very well done indeed.
Would enjoy hearing from other owners of this beautiful German classic. Ross, St. Louis, Mo.
// Ross


I make the complete bodykit of the bmw e24 m635csi(type 2)

the parts are from fiber glass and are 100% the same like the orginal

info mail
// ruben block

Very nice site! My heart tells me that i've found the best car i've ever seen! // Mehmet Akif Cevik

// zoltan tomai

If you know anybody interested to buy old stock BMW original parts for E24 and other older models (E30, E32, E38, E34...) please send my contact - dd635csi(here-goes-at)live(dot)com. I'm working for BMW dealership in Abu Dhabi, UAE and all parts are new from our stock and will go for fraction of original price. There is a body parts as well as mechanical parts. By the way, I'm also proud owner of two E24s and two 2002s!
Dragan Dolovac
// Dragan Dolovac

Great site, easy on my eyes. Like the satin black E24 on the top, would like to see more pictures of it, planning on doing the same to mine // Franke

This is great a web site. // Charley Hirsch

hello! I have 1986 635 csi since 1997. ıt is very enjoyable to drive. I am very glad to see these site. // abdurrahman

best wishes, big up ya, csi 4 ever // eliot667

you look the best site regarding e24 keep it up pal.
// gordon ekundayo

I must say that this is a very global site indeed for E24 owners and it is a forum to unite all E24's world wide ! // o j low

The E24 is a great car i am enjoying a nice white 1986 E24 // Nicholas Weiss

Wonderful site. Very informative. I own a 1976 630CS (VIN # 4360302) that must have been brought over by a serviceman. I live in Tucson, AZ, which is a desert enviornment, and the car is rust free, never been in an accident. It is very enjoyable to drive, very light feeling compared to the later sixes. Again, great site. Keep up the great work. Darrel // Darrel Newell

Very nice and elegant website congratulations, especially I like the photo gallery with the original paintings.

Regards from Hungary

// Roland635

Am very very impressed with the build up of lover of the big six, so also am i impressed with the good work you are doing. please keep it up pple like you need to be encouraged. please link me up with the follwing pple, Peter Macpherson of South Africa, and Jerry T. Don Cappone.
// Don Capone

Dear Owners of model BMW635CSi E24!
Let me to congratulate You on anniversary of model!

Best Regards for You and your Cars!!!
July 2008, Kazakhstan , Almaty.
// Ruslan

I always thought that the older 6 series was really sexy and the ceylon mettalic paint was really cool looking ,
i had customers in the dry cleaners that had these cars and I liked this one woman that had a ceylon metallic 78, or 79,
it was rally cool looking and i always wanted one like it and out some pipes on it to make it sound good,
// Kirk C

very practical site, glad to see so many e24 lovers here...good work !! // 635 in Hong Kong

Fantastic looking site. By far the most professional layout I have seen in this type of webpage. One can tell that you spent a great deal of time on it!
Regards from Canada!
// Jim

A fantastic site. As i am a recent receipiant of an E24 i found your site most informative. // wayne kenny

I have a 1987 US M6 Dinan Turbo for sale in SoCal. This is my 4th e24. It is in great condition and extremely fast. Unfortunately, I need to sell her. Any serious buyers out there? // JerryT

Nice website, thanks for the detail. Now I know that my car's matt chrome is called Shadow Line. // Miles

2 Marcin: good luck with your project!
you can register your car here:
// dnd

Really nice job. I just started with renovation of 635csi production '86.
Best regards from Poland.
// Marcin

Fantastic web-site! Easily the best 6-series site out there. I've owned a 533i for almost 10 years and would like to restore. In addition, I plan to own an E24. Your site has been a wonderful resource. // Adrian

Just wanted to say I have viewed hundreds and hundreds of BMW-related websites in buildling my directory and yours has got to be one of the most stylish to look at and well-designed to get around. I just had to make it a 'featured site' this week after looking it over. Thanks for doing an awesome job for shark fans. // Craig

How many of you guy's have 'factory "smoked" tinted windows ' out there?

Not too many I would presume.
// Glenn

I am in the middle of restoring a 1983 633, and am having a tough time finding various interior parts. Any suggestions? Thanks!

// Dr. William Koett

Hi guys, I haven't been on the site for a while. Although I officially live in S. Africa I am on contract in the middle East (as a pilot). Home every other month. I have done all the work on my 635 (and other vehicles, BMW and others) over the past 8 years or so, including the stage by stage rebuild, and have got to know the car pretty much inside out. So if I can be of assistance with any info, it will be a pleasure.
There are a couple of things to look out for although the car is pretty much bullet proof. Bearing in mind that my vehicle has the earlier suspension (1981). The front end being rather different from the later setup.
Mine is the manual 5-speed so I have no experience in the auto transmission. (I recently replaced all the suspension rubbers and steering joints and the car feels nice and tight.)
Enjoy you sixes!
// Peter Macpherson