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Unofficial BMW E24 website

Unofficial BMW E24 website





Your comments, suggestions, thoughts and everything you can say about BMW 6-Series coupes and this website.

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Hi, my name is XavierP, I've got a 628 CSI - cosmoblau 1986. I love 6-series since i was teen- ager and it's very good for me to achieve my dream !!! (excuse me for approximativ english !)
Most of us are in a french website about E24... thanks for this website and the very good work !
// XavierP

Outstanding site. Glad I joined. // George Leese

Your attention to detail is commendable. // GLENN

Anyone out there with a similar M6 to mine ( Also trying to source more performance parts so any advice would be welcome. i am based in the UK. // Carlton Salmon

I ve got a 635 csi(a) 1982 need interior parts living in south africa can you please help // Albert de Beer

Very useful and rich in informations website.Job well done. I currently own a 95 BMW M3 cabrio and have a project on the go a 84 euro 635 csi with an M70 6 speed, with 18 inchers,lowerd and big brake kind of a hot rod german. I leave in the island of Haiti and I own a small body shop specializing in restoration of any kind. Regards to you all // Pierre C Delimon

hi i'm anind from indonesia, i haven't got the 6series coz i'm still young (just 15 y.o), but i love 6series very very very much.... those sharknose... emmmm... and last but not least... i want to say... this is the best e24 site i've ever seen, very complete... keep up the good work... see ya... // Anind

Very good site. I am from South Africa and am about to purchase a '81 635CSi (sliver with cream leather) and once bought I will register it on this site. I see there are other South African owners (like Peter Macpherson) that are registered on this site and I would like to contact them. How can I do this? Any SA Owners please email Thanks // Sean Barrett

Excellent work. I never get tired of reading about the E24. This helps motivate us all to preserve these great cars. // mauicruizer

What an awesome site! Very well done. // Jeremy


very good website.
Lots of stuff to read.

// Marco

Congratulations !! Great site and pay attention to your E24 in russia and all over the world. Be shure that the E24 will never come back new. Best wishes from Germany // Stefan

Great web site, nice to see photos of a 6er being brought back to life! // Rich

Great website:-) // Martin Hrdy

Hello Diamond!!!
Nice web site and I wish a long life to it!!
perhaps one day we 'll meet in a giga european sixers sharkfest!
Ficelle from
M635csi 1985.
// Olivier

This site has potential // Tom stark

Thanks for all the hard work. It is a pleasure coming here. I especially like the white text on grey background. It is very easy on the eyes. // Joe Menacker

Cool site. If I get a chance, I'll upload some fotos of my '86 that I just bought recently. // Graham

This is very nicely presented. A tribute to the subtle grace of the 6. I'll get my L6 photos to you soon. // Adam

Great Job! Always love to see more 6 info, can never learn too much...
// Sooner

To everybody, Many thanks for such a good site, If I do not sell my 635csi I am taking it to Thailand this year to join just a few others there, I am sure the cars will have fun together. See my 635 at
Keep up the good work, gegards to all. Davd.
// David

Nice site. I own an 85 635...putting a LOT of work into it, but it's worth it
// Porter McManus

Great site. Good to see E24's around the world. Keep it up guys. // Marty

Greetings from Poland. Awesone web site, and those alpina's pics... Great Job !! // Major Sztos


congratulations to this perfect side. A lot of information and i like it very much.

Greetings from Germany

2Leonard: nice question.. i'm not sure about that. i guess e24 has original one. // dnd

I like the lay out, I like the content, and I'm honored that by white B7 turbo is featured several times in the Alpina section. All the best, and long life to ! // sherlock

Is the wheel arch on the rear quarter panel the same as the e28 for a 1987 US version? Great website! // Leonard Murray

Hello from WD40 at
645CSi photos were taken from, gorgeous shark.
// Stephane LAISNE

hello dnd!
Great job about "" :)
I salute !
// gorg