Unofficial BMW E24 website



Unofficial BMW E24 website

Unofficial BMW E24 website



This unofficial website is the database that contains historical documentation, pictures and technical specifications on BMW 6-Series and other old BMW saloons and coupes.

Most of articles and statistics have been taken from different official documents and brochures. A lot of pictures, manuals and advices found on the other Internet websites were also included.


The BMW sign is the property of the BMW AG company. The sign used here as the logotype has been developed especially for this website and used the BMW form, color and font just to show its affiliation with the company.

The car profile in the header has been created with the use of the real photo of the BMW E24 car found in the BigCoupe gallery.


This is a non-profit website. So, information about various trade marks, companies and services used here is only the author's subjective choice and cannot guarantee anything.

All user's personal information is confidential and couldn't be distributed.
The site editorial reserves the right to bring corrective amendments into comments or not to publish them at all if necessary.


All text information or pictures are absolutely free to use. But then it is desirable to specify as a source

In this case the author whenever possible will always give the fullest information or a photo with a higher resolution.


Design, layout: Fractalla Design.

Articles, pictures, translation: dnd.

Backoffice (CMS): DJEM.

Proof-readers of the Russian version: jager, dnd.

Proof-readers of the English version: Vasily Sergeev.

Thanks: Chevale, Bfons, Brucey, Alpina-Service.