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1985 BMW 635 CSi

To own an old car is a challenge sent to progress and time itself.


rt is beyond time. As for the real masterpieces we tend to come back to them and receive maximum of aesthetic satisfaction and pleasure, being taken along with almost imperceptible scale of emotions and experiences.

At such moments it is useless to explain something or try to issue ephemeral feelings into verbal definitions and concepts. All around ceases to exist instantly and you like the baby remain absolutely pure alone with emotions. You want to open your eyes to try to leave these fantastic drowsiness and then to close them again and again to feel the same.

It is not that simple with cars. On visual component serious technological restrictions are imposed — the beauty should move. Also it is desirable to get as much safely for the driver and others around as possible. But in spite of a creative problem complexity, the motor industry for a whole history has pleased us with a number of real masterpieces.

For example, the late 70s BMW 6-Series.

This car does not cause any questions.

As a vinyl record of an old blues or as the old black-and-white movie — it can exist only in the shape it has been created. And any attempts to remaster it using new technologies will be a priori failed.

That's why this car is independent from progress which has generated all these liquid crystal panels and mp3-players. You feel confidently, both in simple velour seats, and in completely leather interior with hi-end stereo system, the air conditioner and heating of seats in it.

It would be desirable to join efforts of those who owns these cars to try to keep this state of art alive, and also to give others an opportunity to be pleased and take pleasure looking at it.

In the end of 2002 I’ve bought the 1985 6-Series BMW.

At that moment the odometer showed 240,000 kilometers approximately. It has been imported to Russia not so long ago which could be judged by good body and engine condition. It remained only to own and keep.

During maintenance a lot of interesting and helpful information has been gathered which I'm ready to share with pleasure.

My BMW 635 CSi

Production date: May 1985

Body color: Bronzitbeige (#139)

Interior: Leather. Color: Schwarz

Factory options: Air-condition, power steering, electrical windows and sunroof, BMW Comfort front seats, tinted windows.



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It is interesting to guess hobbies of the previous owner.

1985 BMW 635 CSi. Taifun

Very funny inscription sais “Taifun”. Looks like it was made in a local service because it's definitely not original nevertheless it fits the body lines ideally.

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If you maen the BMW technical manuals - feel free to order it at
// dnd

I am an ardent LOVER the 6 just like you do and iwill appreciate what ever technical info about the 6 ranging from the electronics to the mechanicals as we dont have very knowledgeble bmw mechs.around town.
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
// Don capone

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