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Body Restoration

In this issue a full restoration of the car in details from the moment of when it has been taken to pieces for revealing its condition and up to its output from the service is shown.


ind it very useful i want to focus on where this complex operation will take place.

The most difficult thing in any task is optimization. And in automobile field the choice usually is not limited to a habitual proportion “more money you pay — higher quality you get”. There is an absolutely invaluable thing called “the human factor” which is always ready to spoil all prediction and hope.

Therefore the most important criterion of an estimation was quality. At first sight, the condition of a body of the car did not leave impression of strong neglect, but some parts required serious repair. For example, the left forward fender in places of fastening to a body was rotted through. Sad enough were also the bottom parts of all doors. The picture was completed by the result of the road accident which have occured on September, 10th this year: damaged right rear fender, slightly bended middle right rib and the damaged passenger door.

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1985 BMW 635 CSi after damage

As a result of accident the rear fender, a middle rib and a passenger door was damaged. There was also a fear to lose expensive rear window lift mechanism.

Choose your destiny

Besides the body work it was also planned to replace color of the car from Bronzitbeige #139 to Polaris #060. This idea not only increased a total cost of works and consumables, but also demanded more careful and skilled workman.

The car has been examined at about six various service-centers, but eventually a choice was made — “Alpinarium — service-center”.

Many service-centers offered really very high quality and quite inexpensive, but when working with the old rare car it is very important to understand and love it. It is very similar to restoration of an old picture — it is necessary to get inspired by its spirit and actually to jump in the past.

When I first came to “Alpinarium”, the first thing I saw — was the Polaris E24, looking out from the garage doors. Fresh repainted fenders and a hood shine on the sun. The front spoiler standing near by was fully restored and polished...

Then I realized, that I should entrust my car to this certain centre.











very nice job, fine work, congratulations // Mr Boulier

I'm glad that you make it! But the insurance company have payed me only 1,500 usd. And i was lucky, because there's a reducing factor that depends on a car age. The rear right fender costs about 1,500 usd, plus 500 usd for work. But insurance company pays only 2-3% of it. That's the way life is :) // dnd

My son put my car into a tree and it almost looks like the same place were it was smashed I paid 3500.00 dollars for car and repairs were 6500.00 and insuance company fixed it I kept it bronzit and had 3/4 of the car repainted while it was there. // futza

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