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Unofficial BMW E24 website

Unofficial BMW E24 website

Model Evolution


The first year

Dick Ellis BMW drawing

BMW was so proud of this Dick Ellis drawing that they presented it to visitors as part of a quartet of fine cutaways by differing artists.


he new 6-series coupe, coded E24, was introduced to the press in March 1976, the location was Marbella, Spain. The official introduction was made later at the Geneva show.

Initially there where two models available, 630 CS and 633 CSi. Top of the line was the 633 CSi. It had a 3210cc fuel injected engine producing 200 bhp at 5500 rpm. The 630 CS had a 2986cc six cylinder engine with a Solex 4A1 carburetor developing 184 bhp at 5800 rpm.

Standard transmission on both models was a 4-speed Getrag 262/9 gearbox with a final drive ratio of 3.45:1 for the 630 CS and 3.25:1 for the 633 CSi. Optional was a 3 gear ZF 3HP-22 auto transmission.

The suspension was a heritage from the 5-series (E12) but refined for even better performance, for example stiffer shock absorbers and lowered springs. Standard tyres where 195/70 VR radials mounted on 6Jx14 H2 alloy wheels. A popular option was the wider BBS-Mahle 7Jx14 alloys.


The cockpit introduced around 1972 in other BMW models was developed even more and the result was a cabin that set a new standard to ergonomy, comfort and exclusivity. One of the highlights in the 6 series cabin was a test panel with 7 green lights showing the status of engine oil level, brake fluid level, brake lights, brake pad wear, cooling water level, screen washer level and rear (tail) lights. The concept of the “all-systems-go” test panel, a.k.a. “Check control”, has been widely used in other BMW models ever since.


BMW developed something called BMW Life Saving System, which is a programmed deformation system that will absorb the bunt of the impact and help minimize human injury. This system was a key factor when BMW developed the 6-series coupe.

630 CSi — The American model

None of the above models where available in the USA, due to more restricted federal emission laws. Instead they had their own model called 630 CSi. It had the same injected 3.0 litre engine as the 530i four door saloon. This engine had a slightly lower power output compared to the carburated European 630 CS, 176 bhp at 5500 rpm. One of the major reasons for the lower power output was because it had lower compression ratio, 8.0:1 compared to 9.0:1 for the European 630 CS.

Production numbers for 1976

Model Units
630 CS 1158
630 CS A 507
630 CSi USA 214
630 CSi A USA 196
633 CSi 2125
633 CSi A 542
633 CSi RHD 112
633 CSi A RHD 79
Total: 4933




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BMW 633 CSi

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Hi there,
first of all congratulations to a fantastic website. I´d like to make some comments. The picture for 1977 that is supposed to show the 633 CSi in a bronze colour does in fact show the 630 CS. BMW just recently released those press pictures due to the 6 series 30th anniversary. On those pics you can the that car from behind and see that it was a 630 CS indeed.
Furthermore the 633 CSi was offered in the US right from the start. It was the 630 CS that was not offered. It was replaced by the 630 CSi.
// Markus

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