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Unofficial BMW E24 website

Unofficial BMW E24 website

Model Evolution


Сockpit, ergonomics, interior

1976 BMW E24. Cockpit
1976 BMW E24. Instrument cluster
1976 BMW E24. Central panel

Three-zone control

The advanced cockpit introduced a new principle called “Three-zone control” that used the bio-mechanical fact that all driver-actions can be divided into three separate functional groups.

1976 BMW E24. Three-zone control

1976 BMW E24. Three-zone control

The drivers seat allows adjustment of both the angle and height of the entire seat. The steering column is also adjustable.

Test zone, on the drivers left side, keeps the driver informed of the operational status of important functions such as engine fluids, lights in front and rear, brake lining wear and level of brake fluid.

The primary zone, directly in front of the driver, with important controls and instruments.

The third zone, called the secondary zone, contains the comfort controls.


Standard upholstery was a combination of leather and velour, but all leather seats was a popular option, it was available in three colors, beige, blue and black.

1976 BMW E24. Interior
1976 BMW E24. Interior

This is one of the best and most comfortable rear seats ever seen in a coupe. It has a center fold-down armrest, power windows and belt locks integrated in the middle section. The picture also shows the optional rear seat head restrain.