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Model Evolution


Introduction of 628 CSi

1979 6-Series BMW

BMW stressed the link between 6-Series and M1 once more, but this time over 90 per cent of the basic engine made the trip from the middle of M1 to the front of 635.


his was the second year in a row for BMW to introduce a new model. In July 1979 a new low-end model called 628 CSi was presented to the public. Since it was a low-end model it had less standard equipment than the 633 and 635 models, but it shared the same body, chassi and interior.

The engine (2788cc) was taken from the 528 i and produced 184 bhp. This engine was capable of giving the 628 CSi a top speed of 130 mph.

630 CS finished

The introduction of the 628 CSi also meant that the carburated 630 CS was withdrawn from the model range, so from now on all 6 series models where fuel injected. The total production number for the 630 CS up to the end of production in July 1979 was 3972, this last year only 249 where made.

New engine electronics

The 3210cc engine in the 633 CSi got the Digital Motor Electronics (DME) that later was to be used in all 6 series models.


New, even if it was an option, was a microcomputer controlled Anti-Blockier-System (ABS) for the breaks.


In the cockpit there was only minor changes, for example a LED clock instead of the analogue clock that had been used earlier.

1979 6-Series BMW. LED clock
1979 6-Series BMW. LED clock

Production numbers for 1979

Model Units
628 CSi 202
628 CSi A 84
630 CS 166
630 CS A 83
633 CSi 277
633 CSi A 452
633 CSi A RHD 434
633 CSi USA 487
633 CSi A USA 488
633 CSi A Japan 301
635 CSi 3030
635 CSi A 319
635 CSi RHD 267
635 CSi A RHD 139
Total: 6729




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1979 6-Series BMW. Manual gearbox
1979 6-Series BMW. Automatic gearbox
1979 6-Series BMW. Becker Europa Cassette

“Becker Europa Cassette” radio.

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Tnanks, Markus! I'll correct that. // dnd

The small picture above showing the radio is not a Blaupunkt but a BMW Bavaria Cassette radio. That kind of radio featured a BMW badge, but was in fact manufactured by "Becker", a German company mostly known as manufacturer of car radios especially for Mercedes Benz. The displayed Radio in your picture shows a "Becker Europa Cassette" model. I should know as I have one of those in my 628 CSi ;-D // Markus

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