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Unofficial BMW E24 website

Unofficial BMW E24 website

Model Evolution


Same specification

1988 6-Series BMW

ngine specifications remained the same as previous year for all models.

The exterior and interior where also unchanged compared to late 1987 models.

1988 BMW M6 interior

This picture show the interior of a 1988 M6 — US version of M635 CSi.

1988 6-Series BMW. Rear seat air conditioning

The rear seat air conditioning option, that where introduced 1986, is still an option in 1988. It was a popular option and could be found in a majority of the late 6 series cars.

US 635 CSi

1988–1989 was the years the US 635 CSi model had the new 3.5L engine with 208 hp and 225 lb.ft torque.

Comments & facts

Adrian: I've noticed that some (or most) European models have the brake-light in a different location vs. the US ones. All US models are above the reverse light. Euro models tend to use the area above the tailight next to the blinkers/indicators. I'm assuming the Euro tailights then use the rear-foglights where the US brake bulbs would be.

Production numbers for 1988

Model Units
635 CSi 48
635 CSi A 21
635 CSi RHD 20
635 CSi A RHD 352
635 CSi Cat 250
635 CSi A Cat 280
635 CSi A Cat RHD 49
635 CSi USA 185
635 CSi A USA 1643
635 CSi A Japan 381
M635 CSi 28
M635 CSi RHD 31
M635 CSi Cat 43
M635 CSi USA 319
M635 CSi Japan 16
Total: 3666




[an error occurred while processing this directive] 1988 6-Series BMW. Steering wheel with airbag

Notice that the steering wheel with airbag is smaller and sportier compared to the 1985 version.

1985 6-Series BMW. Steering wheel with airbag

This is the 1985 steering wheel to compare.

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