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Galleries of the photos grouped on certain subjects. It is possible to find both simply quite good photosessions of 6-Series BMW, and comparative illustrations.

Before 1982

6-Series. Before 1982

Karmann constructed the 6 series coupe, as well as the earlier BMW coupes. There were 2072 630 CS and 2862 633 CSi totaly produced in the first year after the 6-Series introduction in Geneva.

After 1982

6-Series. After 1982

The modifications not only made the car lighter, but also a lot stronger. BMW had spent a lot of time in laboratory simulations and crash tests that finally resulted in the completely reworked and stronger body shell.

Distinctive features

6-Series. Distinctive features

6-Series distinctive features gallery represents the details of 6-Series cars before, after facelift and also the sport version M635 CSi.


6-Series. Alpina

One of the most famous companies Alpina made 432 unique rare cars with its own VIN-Number.


6-Series. Zender

Zender represents some body kits available to buy even nowdays.


6-Series. Hartge

Hartge has tuned some 6-Series models upgraded their engine and suspension. However there's no exact information about how many H6 cars have been produced.


6-Series. US-Version

characteristic features of the US 6-Series produced untill 1987. Federal and European models was indistinguishable later.


6-Series. Engines

Different 6-Series engines before and after 1982. M-Power M88 and S38 distinctive features. Alpina, Hartge tuning.


6-Series. Art-cars

Only two well-known 6-Series art-cars was made.


6-Series. Convertibles

Convertibles were not a factory option, but were available through certain dealers as an aftermarket option. No records available as to the number of conversions performed. Guesses range in the 50-200 range worldwide.

On the track

6-Series. On the track

Unfortunately there does not seem to be a racing opening for the unit in M635 in 1984, but the spirit that made the 6-Series such a prestigiously important introduction to BMW can clearly be understood from the astonishing and long lived versatility of the 1968-75 coupes.

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